Sparky Lock Screen APK 0.86 Android

Sparky Lock Screen APK 0.86 Android
Sparky Lock Screen APK 0.86 AndroidSparky Lock Screen APK 0.86 Android

Sparky Lock Screen APK 0.86 Android good looking screen, this app delivers” Asad Ahmed”Awesome Very Simple and very effective. Love it.” Dean Morgan”Super Super fast! Super clever! Super simple!!” Tufan Akkarpat”Amazing! Been looking for an app that would take the hard work out. Simple and clean. Works amazing on my galaxy s3!” James Cook”Easy to set up Tried a ton of lock screen alternatives and this is very easy to set up. Theme designs are beautiful.”
Tsao Shih-Hao”Really cool! Awesome app guys. Offers unique lock screen customization.”
Kyle Yahn”Excellent Lock Screen App The designs are extremely creative and they all work smoothly. The developer is responsive and the updates have been great! Keep it up.”

Sparky Lock Screen APK 0.86 Android

Requirements:– Android 2.1 and up
Sparky Lock Screen
* NOTE: this app DOES NOT support security lock screen (pattern, pin, etc..), for more information read FAQ on the bottom.
We developed some of the most creative and eye-candy Lock Screen themes ever and we kept it simple to use!Sparky Lock Screen lets you completely change your smartphone Lock Screen!

Sparky Lock Screen APK 0.86 Android
Sparky Lock Screen APK 0.86 AndroidSparky Lock Screen APK 0.86 Android

– State of the art themes: design, creativity and usability!
– Easy and fast: one touch setup!
– No extra download needed!
– Optimized performance!

* Beta Version: smartphone support only.

Sparky Lock Screen – FAQ
>Home button unlocks the phone, is it a bug?
No, Android platform does not allow apps to disable home button for security reasons.
Some apps use hacks to achieve that, but it usually creates performance side-effects and compatibility issues.
>Why there is no security option?
Since it is not possible to disable home key, it is also not possible to create a secure lock screen.
>Why do I experience a delay sometimes before the lock screen appears?
Android OS imposes a 5 second delay to launch a screen from a background service after pressing HOME key.
So if you press HOME and immediately turns off the screen and then turn it on before the 5 seconds expires there will be a delay before launching the lock screen. This is a rare situation and the only scenario where there is a delay.

What’s New
– Fixed Surreal theme on Nexus 4
– Fixed audio glitch when unlock listening to music
– Added settings menu with options: clock mode, status bar and unlock sound. Sparky Lock Screen APK 0.86 Android Download Here