Sarrainodu 3rd Days Box Office Collection Sunday Earning Report

Sarrainodu 3 Days Box Office Collection 3 Days Earning

Sarrainodu second day collections saw a drop of 91 % from the first week which is horrendous to say the least. Sarrainodu on the other hand has not been able to attract audience that much as was the level of hypes and buzz about it. How so ever film has done well in overall first week journey which completed today.

On Saturday, multiplexes continued to be poor, while single-screens were on at around the same level as Friday. Circuits like Mysore, West Bengal, Andhra / Nizam were complete washouts on opening day. Delhi/UP and Mumbai, followed by Rajasthan were the best performing circuits for the film.

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Sarrainodu 3rd Days Box Office Collection

The movie after having a steady first week completely crashed in the second week. The movie is a big hit for its makers. The movie will end its lifetime under 60 cr which is poor considering the budget involved. Sarrainodu 1st day collection 10 crore and 2nd day collection 7 crore.

Sarrainodu is one of the innovative and trendy films of our Bollywood film industry as it is based on the current status of our nation. This has not been able to make audience go in crowd to watch the film resulting in overall lower occupancy and income as well. Total first week income of Sarrainodu is around 25 Crores with 3rd day collection of 7.35 Crore.

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