Sarbjit Box Office Collection Friday to Monday 2016

Sarbjit Box Office Collection
Sarbjit Box Office Collection

Aishwarya Rai and Randeep Hooda in the important characters movie Sarbjit released on Friday on big screens and completed its first weekend test and entered its first monday with good box office reports. Check out the total box office collections made by the movie here below and also check out the day wise break out of the collections done by Sarbjit.

Sarbjit Box Office Collection
Sarbjit Box Office Collection

Sarabjit had a low collections on Monday with around 2 crore net. The drop from Friday is okay as North India was pretty steady but the level of collections is far too low. The four day business of Sarabjit is as follows.

Sarabjit BOC of Friday – 3,00,00,000
Sarabjit BOC of Saturday – 4,00,00,000
Sarabjit BOC of Sunday – 4,75,00,000
Sarabjit BOC of Monday – 2,00,00,000

TOTAL – 13,75,00,000

The week should go to around 18.50 crore net and it may get a second week run at low collections as the releases this week are pretty weak but even then a 25 crore net lifetime is a best case scenario for the film. Despite the best collections coming in North India especially UP as it is tax free there now, they are still much lower than they should be.

Sarbjit 4th Day Box Office Collection

2.09 Crore Producer Figure
2 Crore Trade Figure

Total :
16.05 Crore Producer Figure
11.75 Crore Trade Figure

478,000 USD or Rs 3.22 crore

Friday to Monday drop is only 33% but it is highly unlikely to go anywhere with these low numbers

Sarabjit was lower than X Men even on Monday
Sarbjit 4 Days Collection

Sarbjit 1st Day Box Office Collection – Rs 3.69 Crores

Sarbjit 2nd Day Box Office Collection – Rs 4.56 crores

Sarbjit 3rd Day Box Office Collection – Rs 5.71 Crores

Sarbjit 4rth Day Box Office Collection – Rs 4.00 Crores


Opening Weekend Numbers of Sarabjit are 16th Highest of 2016 if only bollywood movies are taken and is 22nd Highest if hollywood movies are also taken

Sarabjit despite the growth was lower than X Men on Saturday and Sunday also

Sarbjit 3rd Day Box Office Collection

5.71 Crore Producer Figure
4.75 Crore Trade Figure

Sarbjit 2nd Day Box Office Collection

4.56 Crore Producer Figure
4 Crore Trade Figure

Sarabjit Grew by 33 % from Friday to Saturday.

Multiplexes grew Strongly on Saturday especially In North India across Punjab and Delhi.

Sarbjit 1st Day Box Office Collection

3.69 Crore Producer Figure
3 Crore Trade Figure

Sarabjit ‘s opening is one of the lowest of 2016 with lower opening day numbers than even box office disasters like Fitoor and Sanam Re

Sarabjit has opened much lower than director’s last biopic Mary Kom which had opened to a very strong 7.58 Crores Trade Figure at box office in India.

Omang Kumar has rocked it with this Biopic as well. All actors have done a awesome job.Beautiful movie with great direction and acting.Randeep hooda as sarbjit is awesome so is Aishwarya as daljeet Kaur. Richa Chadha as usual us fabulous.

Sarbjit is one of the best movies of the year. Based on a real story of an innocent Sarabjit who could not come from Pakistani jail. Aishwarya and Randeep hudda has done a great great job.