Oopiri 5th Days Box Office Collection Worldwide Tollywood

Oopiri 5th Days Box Office Collection Worldwide Tollywood

Oopiri 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Days box office Collection earning business : Showing good occupancy and public response, Oopiri which is the latest thriller action movie of Tollywood has shown a slightly better performance than the first weekday. It is now 5th working day for this thriller and still it is doing well especially in the metro cities like Delhi where it has managed to bring more collections than the earlier weekdays of Monday and Tuesday. We haven’t seen much affect of the working days on the film’s business as there is not much difference between the collection figures. Oopiri sixth day box office collections reveal the drop in business on the beginning of weekdays. The film was being expected to increase the business after the wrap up of T20 World Cup, but it did not. Nonetheless, Oopiri 1st Monday box office collections are decent. The film earned fine business that made the overall total so far nice and alluring.

Oopiri 5th Days Box Office Collection Worldwide Tollywood

First Wednesday Total Business of Oopiri

Oopiri Collections Day Wise

Oopiri 1 day Collection 2.74   cr
Oopiri 2 days Collection 2.47 cr
Oopiri 3 days Collection 2.3 cr
Oopiri 4 days Collection 1.9 cr
Oopiri 5 days Collection 1.10 cr
Oopiri 6days Collection 2.14 cr
Oopiri 7 days Collection 1.4 cr
Oopiri 8 days Collection 1.02 cr
Oopiri 9 days Collection 1.03 cr
Oopiri 10 days Collection 2.04 cr

Oopiri first Wednesday box office collection are good enough to talk about, as per the estimation the 6th day box office collection of the movie is around 1.24 Crores in Indian market. It had to be more, but unfortunately the film could make only this. This ultimate comic caper starring the relatively newcomers has been doing great at theaters as most of the viewers liked the movie and this is the reason that the word of mouth has been positive that helps the movie to gain good business at the box office. We can expect a slight drop further in the coming days including both chances that if movie drops its business furthers more down majorly then it could land into big troubles otherwise if the audience still supports it then even the second weekend could prove very beneficiary for the film and the film makers as well.