List of Free mp3 sites To download and listen Music online 2016

List of Free mp3 sites To download and listen Music online 2016

Free mp3 sites 2016 – That days of everyone going to shop and buying a DVD or Tape of their favorite or latest songs have gone long ago, and the days have come where everyone simply surfs the internet and finds their choice of music or songs just a click away. There are many sites which provide you mp3 songs to listen and download too but most of them are paid one’s. On those paid sites we need to buy their subscription packs so as to get access to their services where we could find all the latest and old and every kind of music or songs which we want to listen.

But you don’t need to worry as there few best sites which allow you to listen free mp3 songs online and even let you download free mp3 songs from their sites. So the main motto through this post is to provide you the best list of free mp3 download sites and site where you can listen music online.

List of Free mp3 sites To download and listen Music online 2016

List of Free mp3 sites To download and listen Music online 2016 :

This list has been created by us by surfing all kind of free mp3 downloading sites and we found these were the best of them. So you too visit these sites and have a look at their huge listings of all latest songs and music which they allow to use at free of cost. So here is the list have a look at it .

1) SAAVN Free mp3 site to listen music online :

saavn apk

Saavn is one of the best among the various types of free mp3 sites or apps too which is currently famous all over in India for its excellent storage of all Indian music and even international music too. Believe me if you are a music lover then you will love this for sure. You can find all sort of music here like from bollywood,tollywood and others too.


2) Gaana – listen music online :

gaana apk

Gaana is also one of the Indian online music streaming site where you can listen to songs online with the help of your internet balance and for downloading you need to buy their subscription packs.


3) Mp3 skulls :

mp3 skull

The specialty of this site is that we can not only listen to the mp3 songs for free but also download them to our storage device. The site looks very simple and neat even a small child can download the songs from here. It has a huge data of all time best music and songs from all over the world.


4) Amazon Mp3 site :

amazon mp3

Yes We know this site does not give free services but we have listed this site here in Free mp3 sites here because of its quality of songs and data storage amount. If you have money to e invested then We can assure it will be worth it.


5) :


It one of the famous free mp3 sites where people and even the site owners share the creative and latest music and songs for free and commercially too. You can download the songs and also listen to music online as per your choice.


6) SoundCloud :


SoundCloud is the bets and legal way to listen an downlaod any sort of music online on the web. You can find all kind of music including Podcasts, Audios, Remixes, Karaoke,tracks etc. You just need to create an account and as soon as you get signed up you can start using the site for free and even by buying their subscription pack.

VISIT SITE : SoundCloud

Free mp3 sites – Download & listen online songs for free :

So these 6 sites were the best according to us in terms of listening and downloading of any kind of music from anywhere. If you have far more better sites for mp3 free download and online music streaming then do share those with us in the comment section and we shall review them and add them in the next update for any further Free mp3 sites available online.

Till then stay updated ! Have a great week ahead !