How to get Reduce Pimple, Scars, Black spots home remedies


There are the some one of the best home remedies to get rid of dark spots, acne marks and pimples. We sue different chemical products in our daily life to get rid off dark spots, black circles, acne, marks and pimples. These chemical product are some how little helpful to the person to get rid of marks at some extent but they have a very bad impact on the skin. It can cause various skin disease like rashes, psoriasis, rosacea etc. So we can adopt various home remedies that may help you to get rid off these troubles.

Some home tips to get Rid & Reduce Pimple, Scars and Black spots

Remedies to get rid of or Reduce pimples and scare are listed below

  • Uses of Aloe vera: Take the aloe vera leaves and put it in the sun to dry for 5-6 minutes and then add some juice of lemon to the dried leaves of aloe vera. hen make the mixture of it and apply the same mixture on the face for sometime 30 minutes and then wash it gently with water. After sometimes you will be getting the desired result i.e. you will see the reduction in the black spots.
  • Onion to reduce acne marks: Onion are very helpful for face as it help to reduce as permanently remove the acne related scars. Firstly, take an onion and cut into small pieces and crush them and collect the juice from it. Apply the mixture on the scars areas on the face and place it to remain on the face for some time and them wash it with water. You will see the changes in your face with in few days.
  • Turmeric to reduce pimples: Take a quantity of turmeric powder and mix some juice of lemon in it and mix the both items in a proper manners and put the mixture on the black spots, this will help you to reduce the spots.
  • Lemon juice for lightening dark spots: Lemon are helpful in lightning the dark spots as it contains vitamin C, it removes the impurities and dirt’s from your body. Therefore we can use lemon juice on our face to lightning up the dark spots.
  • Water help to¬†brighten¬†up the face: Drinking lots of water help us to remove dark spots on the face. Drink 5-7 Ltr. of water help our skin in various purpose. Your face glow when you drink plenty of water.
  • Milk to reduce spots and pimples: Milk reduces black spots apply the milk on you face and put it on the face for sometime and wash it with water. Apply the same process for some weeks and you will see the desired result.
  • Potato for Black circle: Take a potato and cut it mix it with the lemon juice and put it on the affected area on the dark spots. Wash the face after 10 minutes wit water.This will be very effective to your face. You will see the desired result.

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This were the some home remedies that were discussed above that are beneficial for us to get rid off pimples, scars and black spots. You can’t underestimate the advantages of using home remedies to get rid off the problem. These home remedies doesn’t have any drawbacks i.e. adverse effect on you skin. As chemical ingredients are harmful for skin. And one more thing you must remember the more exposure to sun can mostly try to cover your face when have pimples. These home remedies are best for us to reduce pimples, scars and black spots.