Fan Full HD Movie 720p 1080p 300mb free download

Fan Full HD Movie 720p 1080p 300mb free download

Fan Full HD Movie 720p 1080p 300mb free download: No one is having any idea about the script of this movie. Even Shah Rukh Khan is claiming that the script is very different and the concept is fully unique. In 1998, SRK was first appeared in a double role in the movie “Duplicate” which went superhit too. After that, we haven’t seen SRK doing any double roles in Bollywood. Its a treat for the lovers of SRK for sure. Shah Rukh Khan is promoting this movie from the past one year. Last year, he posted the release date of Fan in a video. After that he released the first teaser of the movie in which his character “Gaurav” was introduced. At that time, the first impression about the movie was on a darker side.

The second teaser of the movie was launched on the birthday of Shah Rukh Khan. In the video, his character Gaurav was seen for the very first time. It was hard to believe that the character of “Gaurav” is also played by Shah Rukh Khan. Now you can get Fan movie download from below. A lot of video editing is used to change the face of SRK in the movie to portray that character.

Fan Full Movie Download

Finally the final trailer of the movie was released on 29 February 2016. It changes all the speculations about the movie. The trailer was full of emotions, action and drama. Right its very hard to guess any script from all the teasers and trailers. One song is released from the movie and its title is “Jabra Fan“. Apart from this, there is not a single audio or video song in the movie. Director of the movie felt that there is no need to add any song in the movie.

Movie – Fan
Cast – Shah Rukh Khan
Director – Maneesh Sharma

Fan Movie Download in HD Mp4 and 3GP

Story :- Shah Rukh Khan is playing the role of a superstar in the movie whose name is “Aryan Khanna”. Actually he is portraying his real life role in the movie. Apart from this, he is also playing the role of a “Fan” whose name is “Gaurav”. Due to some circumstances, Gaurav become the rival of his own idol. The whole story is full of love, drama and a bit of action too.

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Box Office Collection – This movie is performing below the expectations. On the very first day, it collected near 19 crores. On Saturday, we witnessed a sudden downfall and it collected only 17 crores. On its first Sunday, it gained the collection of 21 crores.

Update – The collections of Fan is decreasing day by day. This may become the most under grossed movie of Shah Rukh Khan in the recent years.

Update 2 – Fan has collected only 70 crores in its first week which is well below the expectations. May be the marketing team didn’t worked well for the promotion of this movie.