Dr Ambedkar Jayanti Babasaheb Wishes SMS Quotes Images History

Dr Ambedkar Jayanti Babasaheb Wishes SMS Quotes Images History

Dr Ambedkar Jayanti Babasaheb Wishes SMS in hindi marathi english sanskrit Quotes Images History: Ambedkar Jayanti is a yearly celebration saw on 14 April to recognize the memory of B. R. Ambedkar. It denote Ambedkar’s birthday in 1891 and is an open occasion all through India. It has been announced as open occasion under the Debatable Instruments Act, 1881, on nineteenth Walk 2015, by Service of Faculty, Open Grievances and Annuities, Administration of India.

It is standard for senior national figures, for example, the President, Head administrator and pioneers of major political gatherings, to pay tribute at the statue of Ambedkar at the Parliament of India in New Delhi. It is commended all through the world particularly by Dalits who grasped Buddhism after his case. In India, huge quantities of individuals visit nearby statues celebrating Ambedkar in parade with part of pomp. Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti is commended in India as well as, for example, in Joined Kingdom, Joined States and so on.

Dr Ambedkar Jayanti Babasaheb Wishes SMS Quotes Images History

Ambedkar was a productive understudy, winning a law degree and different doctorates from Columbia College and the London School of Financial matters, and picked up a notoriety for being a researcher for his examination in law, financial aspects and political science. In his initial vocation he was a financial specialist, teacher, and legal advisor. His later life was set apart by his political exercises; he got to be included in crusading and arrangements for India’s autonomy, distributed diaries supporting political rights and social opportunity for Dalits, and contributing altogether to the foundation of the condition of India. In 1956 he changed over to Buddhism, starting mass transformations of Dalits.

Dr Ambedkar Jayanti Babasaheb Wishes SMS Quotes Images History

B. R. Ambedkar Early life and education

Ambedkar was born on 14 April 1891 in the town and military cantonment of Mhow in the Central Provinces (now in Madhya Pradesh). He was the 14th and last child of Ramji Maloji Sakpal, a ranked army officer at the post of Subedar and Bhimabai Murbadkar Sakpal. His family was of Marathi background from the town of Ambavade (Mandangad taluka) in Ratnagiri district of modern-day Maharashtra. Ambedkar was born into a poor low Mahar (dalit) caste, who were treated as untouchables and subjected to socio-economic discrimination. Ambedkar’s ancestors had long worked for the army of the British East India Company, and his father served in the British Indian Army at the Mhow cantonment. Although they attended school, Ambedkar and other untouchable children were segregated and given little attention or help by teachers. They were not allowed to sit inside the class. When they needed to drink water, someone from a higher caste had to pour that water from a height as they were not allowed to touch either the water or the vessel that contained it. This task was usually performed for the young Ambedkar by the school peon, and if the peon was not available then he had to go without water; the situation he later in his writings described as “No peon, No Water”. He was required to sit on a gunny sack which he had to take home with him.

Ramji Sakpal retired in 1894 and the family moved to Satara two years later. Shortly after their move, Ambedkar’s mother died. The children were cared for by their paternal aunt, and lived in difficult circumstances. Three sons – Balaram, Anandrao and Bhimrao – and two daughters – Manjula and Tulasa – of the Ambedkars would go on to survive them. Of his brothers and sisters, only Ambedkar passed his examinations and graduated to high school. His original surname Ambavadekar comes from his native village ‘Ambavade’ in Ratnagiri district. His Brahmin teacher, Mahadev Ambedkar, who was fond of him, changed his surname from ‘Ambavadekar’ to his own surname ‘Ambedkar’ in school records.

Ambedkar Jayanti SMS in Hindi:


Desh Ke Liye Jinhoneney Vilaas Ko Thukraaya Tha
Girey Huon Ko Jinhoneney Swabimaan Sikhaaya Tha
Jisney Hum Sabko Toofaano Sey Takranaa Sikhaaya Tha
Desh Ka Tha Anmol Wo Deepak Jo Baba Saheb”Kehlayaa Tha
Aaj Uski Baato Ko Hum Dil Sey Apnayengey
Sab Miljoolkar Ambedkar Jayanti Manayngey.

!! Happy Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti !!

Sara jaha hai jiki sharan me
naman hi us BABA ke charan me
bane us baba ke charno ki dhool
aao mil kar chadhaye shradha ke phool

!! JAI BHIM !!1

Kar gujar gaye wo bhim the!
Duniya ko jagane wale bhim the!!
Hamne to sirf itihas padha hai yaro !!!
Itihas ko banane wale mere bhim the!!!!
****Happy Ambedkar Jayanti****

Nind Apni Khokar Jagaya Humko,
Aansu Apne Girakar Hasaya Humko,
Kabhi Mat Bhulna Us Mahaan Insaan Ko,
Jamana Kehta Hain” Babasaheb Ambedkar “Jinko1
Jai Bhim.

Nazaro me Nazara dekha
aisa nazara nahi dekha
aasman me jab bhi dekha
mere bhim jaisa sitara nahi dekha.
Jai Bhim!

Ambedkar Jayanti SMS in English:

May the spirit of Self Confidence and Fight against oppression be with us in this Ambedkar Jayanti.
Wish you all the Happy Ambedkar Jayanti 2014

On the occasion of Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar’s birthday, may we learn from him the spirit of self confidence and will to fight against oppression!
Happy Ambedkar Jayanti!

Life should be great rather than long.
~ B. R. Ambedkar
Happy Ambdekar Jayanti!

Its day of celebrations,
Its day to value a special person,
Who taught world the lesson of Self Confidence
Its B R Abmedkar..
The Father
of Indian Constitution!

Dr Ambedkar Jayanti Babasaheb Wishes SMS Quotes Images History
Ambedkar Jayanti SMS in Marathi:


Naman Tya Prakramala
Naman Tya Deshpremala
Naman Tya Sagarala
Naman Tya Gyaandevtela
Naman Tya Mahapurusala
Naman Aasha Aaplya Babasahebana.

!! Happy Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti !!

Asa Bal Janma Aala.
Sara Gaau Gola Zhala
Gunapramane Nav Jyache Saaje
Sarya Vishwat Jayanti Gaje !!!

Bharatratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkarana Koti Koti Pranam !!!

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