About Us

The man behind the Filmy Stuff is only Suman Kumar and his successfull partners. Let me first introduce myself as the admin of this fabolous blog. We were the college student from University of Lucknow who passionate about Technology, Mobiles Tech and Ethical News & Tricks

Before starting Filmy Stuff, I’ve worked as author or editor in many big blogs, they aren’t revealed my name. This made me frustrated, then I gave up the job and concentrated in the Blogging and decided to start my first professional blog. As a result, Filmy Stuff came into the existence.

My Mission:-

I’m Mad about Collecting Stories, News of Bollywood stuff and all many things. Since I’m a simple college student with somewhat knowledge about Technology World. Though Technology has no limitation in knowledge, still I like to be leaner. So I’ll share whatever I know in Tech-ow-sphere with transparency through this blog. Our aim is to make the technology spread wider and longer in India. So we hope you’ll help us in this venture.

Last words,

Since I gave up my job and started Blogging as the career, I’ve no limitation and compromization in content and knowledge. So I’m going to work hard to find the great unique knowledge to serve my beloved readers.

Filmy Stuff will help the users in many ways when the you support us to grow higher and higher. So keep encouraging us and help us to grow higher. The journey begins with Filmy Stuff